Martial Arts

The Korean Academy of Taekwondo School Handbookis now in its forth edition. (2005, 2007, 2011, 2018 Booklocker) This book teaches the basics of how to do martial arts, relying on anatomy, biophysics, history, culture, and more. It is primarily meant for members of the Korean Academy of Taekwondo, but the breadth of material ensures even experienced martial artists will find something helpful.

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Teaching Martial Arts: A Practical Guide (2009, Booklocker) offers readers a course in martial arts pedagogy. The book covers such diverse areas as helping students with disabilities, creating lesson plans, retaining students, NLP, and the anatomy and physiology of common martial arts injuries. 

The Way of the Dojo (2012, Booklocker) looks at the business side of running a martial arts school. The book covers topics such as marketing, crisis planning, accounting, internal systems, key metrics, and use of social media for martial arts schools. 

Taekwondo: A Practical Guide to the World’s Most Popular Martial Art (2013) is available for Amazon Kindle. The book spends most of its time on the martial arts bestseller lists and we the first martial arts instructional book on audible.

101+ Drills to Increase Strength, Agility, Speed, Balance, and Focus and More (2013, Kindle Only) offers over 100 different ways to train. Never let your classes be boring again! 

50 Words: Key Concepts for Martial Arts and Character Education (2013, Kindle Only) Martial arts is so much more than kicking and punching. This book provides a structured guide through 50 key concepts that martial artists and martial arts teachers can use to aid their training. The book includes character-building words (honor, respect, etc), key physical concepts (balance, leverage, power, explosion), words from Asian martial arts culture (zanshin, mushin, etc), and abstract concepts (art, beauty, sacrifice, etc) 

We also co-authored with our daughter, The Princess and the Ogre: Martial Arts Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales for Children of All Ages.

“FINALLY! Someone told the story right. Just because someone has a ‘great fall’ doesn’t mean they were irreprably damaged. Hello! Ever heard of falling technique, people?” – H. Dumpty.

“This book is TERRIBLE. And full of lies. Don’t believe anything it says, especially the 11th story.” B.B. Wolf

“This is the best retelling of these stories ever. And I’m not just saying this because someone twisted my arm. Man, it is hard to type with one hand.” – Younger Brother Grimm.

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