Lands of Daranor

DreamQuest was Bill’s first published work. He began writing in sixth grade, and thirteen years later, a novel was here. The story begins with Tarthur’s enigmatic dream- where he duels with the Death Lord Darhyn! Upon waking, Tarthur and Derlin are thrust into a quest where suddenly the world seems so big and the outcome very much in doubt…

A young boy in a small village has a mysterious dream that hints of the fantastic power of the Water Orb, one of the four elemental forces that has been lost to the world for nearly three centuries. Heeding the advice of the powerful wizard Zelin, Tarthur sets off on a quest to understand his dream and its consequences for the fate of civilization.

Join Tarthur and Derlin as they travel through the land, learning not only about the world but also about themselves and what it means to pass from boyhood into the world of men.
Journey to the mystical lands of Daranor see a sunrise on the shoals of the merfolk, ponder the powerful evil of the Death Lord Darhyn, feel the hope of Freeton, the serenity of the lands of the elves, and the cunning of Queen Marhyn. Meet a mysterious shapeshifter, the twin heads of the Guild of Thieves, and the stunningly beautiful princess of the elves. Whether you are a child, teen, or adult, the lands of Daranor have something for you.

ProphecyQuest was published in 2005 by Booklocker, and received high praise from both readers and critics. Jeri Kladder, head of the Newbery Award Committee, thoroughly enjoyed the book. She noted that she loved DreamQuest, and this book was much stronger.

The story starts 15 years after the events of the War of the Orb. Readers will learn new insights about the characters as well as the history and magic of the Lands of Daranor. The book is now also available for Amazon Kindle.

SwordQuest is the third and final book in the Lands of Daranor Trilogy. The story resolves the events of ProphecyQuest and introduces the new powerful enemy who came through the Portal after Darhyn. Click on the cover to purchase the book at Amazon

The SwordQuest movie premiered with DreamQuest and ProphecyQuest in September 2018 at the Movie Tavern in Aurora CO with one sold out showing.

The movies were made over 5 years by the Korean Academy of Taekwondo summer camp. It was an amazing pleasure to get to watch the students grow in age, acting ability, martial arts ability, and movie making skills throughout the years.

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