Welcome! Bill and Katie have several short stories for their different worlds. Check back periodically for different free deals!

Cloudlands Saga Short Stories by Katie Pottle:

This is a fun adventure with Cadin in Lep when they are slightly younger troublemakers with good hearts. Check out Lynn’s Dragon Ranch!
Cloud Chess is Sun’s short story. Learn more about the popular cloud chess game played throughout the cloudlands, and find out how Sun started archery on the yellow cloudland of Lance. Check out Cloud Chess!

Short Stories by Bill Pottle:

Would you brush your teeth if it was your last day alive? 

In this 10,000 word short story a man searching for flowers for his daughter’s birthday bouquet stumbles on the rarest flower of all, yet what he finds calls into question everything from his day to day life to the very existence of his soul.
Check out Bill Pottle’s short story, Iridescent Rose